Danica McKellar explains that her family moved from LA, California to rural Tennessee because they wanted more nature

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Danica McKellar is aware of how similar her life to the lives of some of those characters.

Wonder Years alum, who will next star in Christmas at The Drive-In (out Nov. 25, 2015), has lived in Los Angeles ever since she was 7, but she recently moved to Tennessee to live in a slower pace. She’s now settled in, just as Christmas season begins, and is enjoying small-town life.

Do you sound familiar? This holiday film veteran feels the same, and is happy to embrace it. McKellar, 46 years old, says she is just enjoying the fact that Christmas movie characters have rubbed of on her. McKellar spoke exclusively to PEOPLE about her move. It’s a beautiful example of art imitating life. Danica McKellar joked that Christmas movies’ characters have “rubbed her off” after she revealed that she and her family moved to rural Tennessee from Los Angeles last summer. “My husband and me had long wanted to be closer to nature. In an interview with People magazine, the “Wonder Years” actress said that she was ready to move out of the city. Question Papers

She said, “I love the way my Christmas movie characters have rubbed against me. It’s a beautiful example of art imitating life.

McKellar’s latest holiday movie, “Christmas at The Drive-In,” is McKellar’s latest. She said that she was enjoying a little Thanksgiving at home but wanted to make sure she made it on Christmas.WONDER YEARS’ STAR DANICA MCKELLAR BECOME A MATHEMATICIAN IN ORDER TO FIND VALUE “OUTSIDE OF THE WINNIE COOPER” “I’ll probably have one next week,” she joked. Let’s go, she joked. Although she has lived in Los Angeles for 47 years, her husband and she have both spent time in the voluntary sector.

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McKellar stated that McKellar flew to Nashville during McKellar’s filming in Kentucky, when the couple was in their first month together. “We had a great weekend together.”Hallmark movie star and Great American Family Christmas host, Hallmark Movie Star, said that while she enjoys settling in to her home, it is mostly about her backyard. She also mentioned that her maple trees turn “gold, pink, orange and red” when it’s fall. This is something that is rare in this area.

She also mentioned that they are drawn to the creativity and music scene in Nashville. She and her husband, son and mom moved to a house about an hour outside of the capital.

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